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MyHabit Masters: Miró Lithographs!
“The works of Spanish artist Joan Miró have often been described as deftly combining abstract art with Surrealist fantasy, a style that evolved from the tension between his poetic impulses and his feelings about the harshness of modern life. His use of child-like brush strokes coupled with colorful and Modern sensibilities make his works recognizable and unique. This collection features reproductions of some of his most famous lithographs, sure to be instant conversation starters when hung in your home.” – Bojana, Art Buyer for MyHabit

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  • Original Lithograph IV

    Original Lithograph IV


  • Original Lithograph IX

    Original Lithograph IX


  • Original Lithograph VIII

    Original Lithograph VIII


  • Original Lithograph X

    Original Lithograph X


  • Equinox



  • Homage to Joan Prats

    Homage to Joan Prats


  • Revolution II

    Revolution II


  • Sculptures II

    Sculptures II


  • Toward the Left

    Toward the Left


  • Woman at the Mirror

    Woman at the Mirror


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