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Modern Brilliance!
Add a bit of character to any room with this collection of chandeliers and pendant lamps. For those who crave opulence, the stunning Abigail chandelier takes an antique-inspired style and gives it a contemporary twist. And the linear chrome and glass Sussex chandelier looks like it was plucked out of a glossy design magazine—and made just for you.

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  • Perla Pendant

    Perla Pendant


  • Falon Pendant

    Falon Pendant


  • Cambria Pendant

    Cambria Pendant


  • Merida Pendant

    Merida Pendant


  • Hermine Candelabra Chandelier

    Hermine Candelabra Chandelier


  • Sussex Chandelier

    Sussex Chandelier


  • Churchill Chandelier

    Churchill Chandelier


  • Aberdeen Chandelier

    Aberdeen Chandelier


  • Plymouth Chandelier

    Plymouth Chandelier


  • Nelson Chandelier

    Nelson Chandelier


  • Marroni Chandelier

    Marroni Chandelier


  • Calatia Chandelier

    Calatia Chandelier


  • Beaumont Pendant

    Beaumont Pendant


  • Clyde Pendant

    Clyde Pendant


  • Montpellier Chandelier

    Montpellier Chandelier


  • Lafayette Chandelier

    Lafayette Chandelier


  • Wicklow Chandelier

    Wicklow Chandelier


  • Orielle Chandelier

    Orielle Chandelier


  • Arbury Chandelier

    Arbury Chandelier


  • Barclay Chandelier

    Barclay Chandelier


  • Pemberton Chandelier

    Pemberton Chandelier


  • Abigail Chandelier

    Abigail Chandelier


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